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New SuperDrive N7 Converts a Screw Gun into a Collated Screw Gun in Seconds
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A dependable screw gun is an essential tool
Highland, UT — February 29th, 2016 A dependable screw gun is an essential tool, and most construction professionals have strong brand preferences. However, not all brands offer collated systems; those that do often use proprietary collation systems limiting fastener choices. Plus, buying a separate collated screw gun means one more tool to manage and maintain. 

Now Grabber’s new SuperDrive N7 Series brings the advantages of a collated system to a preferred screw gun brand. 

Double a driver’s usefulness 
Designed to fit the industry’s top brands, the SuperDrive N7 easily transforms a standard DeWalt, Makita, or Grabber Rocker screw gun into a powerful dual-purpose tool. Contractors can switch to collated functionality in a matter of seconds and drive more screws faster and with greater accuracy. With the N7, a professional’s favorite and familiar screw gun can help deliver quicker installations, lower costs, and greater profitability. Plus, reverting to single screw driving with the same tool is easy. 

Changes in a snap 
The SuperDrive N7 attachment snaps on to a screw gun right out of the box, with no coupler or adapter required. Designed for both corded and cordless models, the N7 slides into place in a matter of seconds. The process is simple, allowing a contractor to quickly switch capabilities during a job. 

Lightweight and compact 
Small and lightweight, the SuperDrive N7 aluminum-body construction features a smaller head profile than competitive attachments so it can fit into tighter corners and spaces. N7 uses widely accepted tape-style collated strips that are more flexible than rope systems for working in confined areas. Plus, 50 screws per strip mean more screws to drive and less time reloading than rope systems. 

SDN7M1 – works with Makita corded and cordless models: FS4200, FS4300, XSF03 

SDN7D1 – works DeWalt and Rocker corded models: 4060, 4063, DW266, DW274K 

SDN7D2 – works with DeWalt cordless models: DCF620M2 or DCF620D2 

The brand contractors trust 
The SuperDrive N7 is from Grabber, a company known and respected in the drywall industry. In addition to being compatible with favorite screw gun brands DeWalt, Makita, and Grabber Rocker, the SuperDrive N7 accepts a wide variety of fastener sizes and types on convenient 50-per-strip tapes. 

Be the first with this fastening tool 
The SuperDrive N7 is available from Grabber in early 2016. Progressive retailers and distributors can be among the first to provide contractors the advantages of a collated system on their favorite screw gun. 

See a video demonstration of the SuperDrive N7 being attached and performing as a collated system, plus get additional product details at www.grabberman.com/SuperDrive-N7.MP4. To order, call 800-477-TURN.
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