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Acoustical Toggle Bolt Brochure
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SFAST 1/4 X 5" Acoustical Spring Toggle, domed washer, Yellow Zinc (Approx Pcs 100) (Approx. Pcs. 100)
The patented SpringShot™ Acoustical Toggle is widely popular with the trades because of its ease of installation. Designers have recognized the SpringShot Accoustical toggle’s features as a significant advancement to traditional overhead fastening toggle bolts rendering the old fashion toggles obsolete. The SpringShot’s self-centering washer is a vast improvement over old style acoustical toggles, making correct installation effortless. The patented spring action provides continuous pressure keeping the toggle fixed and secure, and won’t loosen over time even with vibration.
  • Special spring design – self tightening & self-seating
  • One size fits all applications
  • Helps eliminate migrating sounds
  • Will not loosen under vibration
  • Project designer preferred